Thursday, June 16, 2005

Telus Again and Again

One of my clients has a direct withdrawal on her phone bill because it was getting harder and harder for her to manage her finances, and she didn't want to assign a power of attorney. She would get copies of the bill, but didn't have to worry about paying them.

I looked at her bill the other day. She is renting a phone. I have a phone I can give her. I asked her if she wanted it, she said yes. I told her she had been renting one and asked her for how long. She didn't know.

When I called Telus to tell them to stop the phone rental, I asked how long it had been rented. The woman couldn't tell me exactly, but it appeared to go back at least to 1999. At roughly $5.00 per month it looks like she has paid close to $300.00 for that phone.

This is what Telus says about itself ( direct from their website):

"becoming Canada's premier corporate citizen

"At TELUS, we have a long history of contributing positively to the communities where we live, work and serve. This legacy supports our commitment to become Canada's premier corporate citizen."

When it comes to some of the individuals in the communities where Telus lives, works, and serves, what happened to the commitment? Somehow I... oh well, never mind.