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"Dear Peter,

I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful care you made available for my sister....finding accommodations, the wonderful care..., checking on her medications, consulting with her doctor, finding the musical therapist, and many more. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you and I believe (my sister) would not have had the great care had it not been for you .

Thank you so much.

Pat. R."


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Diamond Geriatrics Incorporated

What you have given me more than anything else is peace of mind. - Alison B

Diamond Geriatrics offers professional and gentle care management, counseling, and consulting for the elderly,caregivers, and business. 

Do you have  questions or concerns about an aging parent, spouse, or yourself?

Are you confused about Seniors Housing and Long Term Care?

Are you a medical or financial professional  dealing with the needs of older clients?

Is your business encountering employees with eldercare needs or concerns?

Need help fast?

Call us at 604-874-7764, email us at eldercare@diamondgeriatrics.com, or click here.

Here are some of the Diamond Geriatrics services which can help:

 Seniors Housing and Relocation Assistance:

Assessing and choosing  assisted living, nursing homes, other seniors housing choices. Click here to read more.

Geriatric Care Management:

Assessment, care planning, implementation, and review of assistance. Counselling and practical help for Seniors. Click here to read more.

Counselling, Advocacy, Health Care Navigation

We understand how the systems work and how to find who to talk to in order to advocate on your behalf to help you get the services and answers you need. Click here to read more.

Care Monitoring:

At home or in a care facility, making sure you have the best care possible. Click here to read more.

Services to Families: 

Advocacy, counselling, crisis management, “The Talk” with parents, mediation. Click here to read more.

Telephone Consults and Skype Consultations: 

Consultation by phone or webcam using Skype from anywhere in the world. Click here to read more.

Services to Business: 

Seminars and workshops, human resource support, employee benefits; training for managers. Click here to read more.

Peter Silin Owner Diamond Geriatrics

Welcome to Diamond Geriatrics. My name is Peter Silin. In addition to being the principal of Diamond Geriatrics, I am also a professional, with twenty five years of training, knowledge, and skills in the fields of geriatrics, aging, dementia, seniors housing, nursing homes, and family systems. My credentials, including membership in the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers, let you know I know what I am doing and you can trust me to do it. Meet our Team.

Peter Silin's Personal Experience

I know what caregiving feels like on a personal level. I have been a caregiver, to parents who died after chronic illness and to a grandmother with Alzheimer's disease. In my career, I have seen families experiencing confusion, grief, pain, and anger as they tried to meet the needs of a loved one, and tried to navigate through the maze of long term care. I have seen inadequate and hasty assessments lead seniors, families and professionals to make inappropriate and sometimes life threatening decisions. I have seen how the system fails people and how a lack of knowledge about the system and aging can lead them to places where no one should have to go. I founded Diamond Geriatrics so you could have a choice about whether those things happened to you.

-- Peter S. Silin, MSW, RSW

How to Contact Us

Diamond Geriatrics, Inc. 288 West 8th Ave,. Vancouver, Canada V5Y 1N5
Tel: 604-874-7764 Fax: 604-874-7725 E-mail: eldercare@diamondgeriatrics.com

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