Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Medications and Overmedications

I have a client in a very classy nursing home where she has been for three years. She was very agitated and intrusive when first admitted, and had been seen by a couple psychiatrists who put her on various medications. I have been fighting ever since to lower them. The last time I got them lowered was about six months ago.

I finally called the family physician and asked him to lower them. The psychiatrists had been afraid to do so. He lowered them.

Guess what? No difference.

Well, no, there was a difference. Her balance is better. She is eating better. She is more alert.

There is no difference in the way the home is able to manage here care.

I think to myself, how much would she be on if I hadn't been pushing? Why don't they follow this better?

I actually know why--it is because it is easier not to. It is easier not to really and truly individualize care and provide the best care possible.

That is why people need someone like what I do or a family member to do it.